Save space in your kitchen with these knife storage options

Keep your knives safe.

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Store your knives properly and safely with Misen:

  • Durable, functional, and elegant knife storage
  • Keep knives clean and sharp 
  • Save on counter and wall space 
  • Can hold other kitchen tools as well

When not in use, it is important to store your knives properly to keep them out of reach of children and to keep them sharp for longer. Simply storing your knives in your kitchen drawer may not be safe for you or your knives. You need to consider proper and safe knife storage that will keep your knives and your kitchen organized. 

Misen provides high-quality, durable, and thoughtfully designed knife storage options. They are functional and elegant and will save space in your kitchen while ensuring it always looks neat! No matter how often you use your knives, they will maintain their sharpness as long as they are stored in these knife storage options.

In-Drawer Knife Storage

Instead of placing your knives in your kitchen drawer and covering them with a cloth, make sure they are always clean and protected in this In-Drawer Knife Storage. It has enough slots for small and large knives. You can keep up to seven knives in it, making it easier to find your knives since they are placed in a single storage. 

What makes this knife storage so practical is that its sleek design saves on counter space and wall space. It is made from high-quality ash or walnut wood that will last for years in any kitchen. It is recommended to apply mineral oil on it every few months to protect the wood surface.

Knife Storage Block

If you prefer knife storage placed on your kitchen counter without taking too much space, the Knife Storage Block would be the best option for you to easily and safely access your knives. It has a unique slim and low-profile design that can hold three or five-piece knife sets and a pair of kitchen shears. 

The angled design of this knife block is ideal for easy knife retrieval, especially when placed under a cabinet. Each knife slot extends through the base of the block to prevent trapping moisture, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Remember to always remove the knives before moving or repositioning the block as well. 

Magnetic Knife Strip

This wall-mounted Magnetic Knife Strip won’t only keep your knives secure, it will also make your kitchen look more organized. The premium wood casing serves as a stylish addition to your kitchen and is long and strong enough to hold five-piece knives, including other magnetic utensils or kitchen tools. 

This is especially suitable for smaller kitchens to keep knives clean, safe, and within arm’s reach. It is sturdy and of high quality so you can be sure it will last for years. No need to change your knife storage every year. Just make sure to wash it with warm water and soap, then dry it immediately if washing is needed.

Misen also offers functional knife sets, knife accessories, and cookware that go well with their knife storage.