Save money when online shopping with this browser extension

Here’s how you can shop and save at the same time.

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Here's how you can save when online shopping with Honey:

  • Download the browser extension to automatically search for coupons
  • Collect rewards and redeem a gift card with Honey Gold
  • Get notified on price drops
  • Enjoy coupons from hundreds and thousands of stores
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Love online shopping? Then you need Honey in your life. With this browser extension, you can save money with vouchers, coupons, and deals. All you have to do is download the browser extension and you can save in different ways.

The browser extension will automatically search for coupons.

After you download the Honey browser extension, simply visit your favorite shopping website and click on the extension. It will then automatically generate the coupons and rewards that you can use upon checkout. That’s how easy it is! When you check out, the vouchers will also automatically apply to your total purchase, so you can save as you shop without having to search or input your vouchers.

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Collect rewards and redeem a gift card with Honey Gold.

More than that, you can also try out Honey Gold. With Honey Gold, you can get rewards by shopping at participating stores. Once you have enough rewards to qualify for Honey Gold, you can redeem a gift card and use it for another purchase. The more you shop, the more you earn!

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Get notifications and alerts on price drops.

With Droplist, you will get notified whenever brands have a price drop so you can enjoy the best deals and save a lot of money on your next purchase! Basically, Honey will notify you whenever an item that you previously saved drops it price so you can check it out instantly.

Enjoy coupons from hundreds and thousands of stores.

Whether it’s a fashion, tech, grocery, essential, or entertainment brand, Honey most probably has coupons for it. Enjoy exclusive coupons from online stores such as Walmart, SHEIN, AliExpress, HBO Max, WordPress, Tripadvisor, Nike, Macy’s and so much more!