Satisfy your dim lighting needs using this rechargeable and motion sensor night light

Install it in three easy ways, and you won’t have to dwell in the dark anymore

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Sleeping is probably the best time of the day for most people. But it can also be uncomfortable for some who try to sleep in dark surroundings. It makes them feel suffocated, trapped, and sleepless in the end. If you are one of them, try not to skip the rest of this article as I share one solution to your problem.

Get off your bed and avail of Xiaomi’s Yeelight, your ultimate companion to comfortable sleep.

What is Xiaomi Yeelight Motion Sensor Night Light?

The Xiaomi Yeelight Motion Sensor Night Light is an advanced illuminator equipped with dual sensors responsible for lighting up your surroundings without much flare. It features a 120° sensor angle that senses motion up to a 7-meter range. And to improve its sensor function, Xiaomi also comes with an ultra-thin fresnel lens that detects every tiny motion around.

How does it work?

Using its infrared and photosensitive human body dual sensor, Xiaomi turns on upon detecting people within its range. After 15 seconds without detecting any motion, the light turns off automatically. You need not press any button nor adjust something because this device lights up just when you need it.

How do I install it?

Unlike other night lights you need to plug or fix through a flat surface, Yeelight mounts in three simple ways.
Using its built-in rear hook
Mounting it on the wall with its adhesive side
Placing it where a magnet is present

Does it come with a battery?

There’s no need to worry about running out of battery and having to get a new set by then. Yeelight is a rechargeable device and consumes little energy only. Every full charge of this night light will let you use it for another 120 days.


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