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Leave it to this sassy cat to hold your trinkets with style

Serving just the right amount of sass

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  • Includes one cat with two trays
  • Cats measure 14.2” (L), 6.2” (W), by 9.8” (H)
  • Made from resin and metal
  • Can be used for trinkets and essentials or as decor and as gifts.

Do you love cats? This functional cat-inspired decor is the perfect addition to your home! The Cat With Trays is perfect for storing and displaying all of your favorite items like makeup, keys, coins, office accessories, and other trinkets.

Available in three colors, each piece features an adorable cat striking a sassy pose while holding up two catch-all trays. The cats measure 14.2” (L), 6.2” (W), by 9.8” (H), guaranteed to comfortably fit on top of your console, coffee, and dressing tables! The trays measure 5.5” and 6.7”.

Made from resin and metal, this high-quality functional decor is also designed with a stable base so it can carry a whole host of different items. You can place it by your table at the door to hold your coins and keys for convenient pick-up as you head out. If you want it in your bedroom, you can place it on your vanity or dresser to display your accessories, makeup, and perfume bottles!

You can also use it as a centerpiece to hold fruits and candies on the dining table or to hold the remote on your coffee table. Otherwise, you can use it for your paper clips and other office essentials on your work desk.

You’ll definitely want to get one for each room, or get one in each color! If you feel like these cats are too sassy to put to work to hold your stuff, you can simply stack them next to each other and on top of each other to make for some fun decor.

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