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Sara Is Missing: Secrets In Smartphone Horror Game

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If you are a fan of horror-suspense games, especially on your mobile phone, then you would have probably heard of the game Sara Is Missing. Lately, there has been speculations on the contents of the game. [Spoilers Below]

First things first, what is the story all about? Well, if you were able to play the game, you?d know that it is about a woman named Sara who suddenly went missing. All that was left was her mobile phone and the data on it.

As you progress through the game, you will figure out that Sara apparently joined a witches? gathering and got involved in a death cult. This is the reason why her phone was left behind.

Urban Myth

At the end of the game, a cult member contacts you via text message and gives you directions to a place called Kampung Janda Baik. Well, let?s just leave it at that so as not to spoil anything else.

Seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, it seems that the abovementioned place in the game is actually a real location in Malaysia. The place also seems to be famous for its resorts and ?stories? as well.

According to Malaysian urban legends, a husband and wife got stuck at a highway late at night because their car broke down. The husband left to look for help but as hours passed by, the wife got worried. She decided to unlock the car doors and step out of the vehicle. She then turned around and saw her husband standing, his head dismembered from his body. His face showed utter fear with his eyes and mouth wide open.

Teaser For New Content?

This is the most famous urban legend the Malaysians know of from Kampung Janda Baik. Maybe this is also the reason why the people who produced and created Sara is Missing chose this particular place. They also probably stayed close to their roots (since the team are mostly Malaysians) to maintain the indie feel of the app.

With regards to the red room, myanimeischorme?s reddit post states that ?it just led to nothing. The binary in the link doesn?t translate to anything either.? Maybe it is a teaser for the possible update like a ?coming up next? type of update where they would include a Red Room option.

So if you are brave and smart enough to choose the right options to save someone, why not try Sara is Missing and experience a new form of horror suspense game.

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