Sara Is Missing Android And PC Game: A Completely Disturbing Investigative Game

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Nothing beats a mystery, suspense/horror game that titillates your brain. If you love such games, then Sara is Missing is perfect for you.

Sara is Missing is a cleverly crafted horror game that is designed to be played on smartphones. The game starts when you happen to find a phone whose owner has mysteriously vanished without a trace. With the only evidence at your hands, you can now help solve the mystery of her disappearance.

The context of the game is simple but intense. You will use your smart phone the entire time while playing it. With its Android-style mobile phone interface, you will have an easier feel as you maneuver around the game. Once you have obtained the phone, you will notice that it is a little damaged, with some files corrupted as well. But thankfully, there is a Siri-esqe Al feature that will help you search the phone’s messages, emails, videos and files that can help you solve the mystery and find out what really happened to the owner.

With this being a crime-solving theme, players should really think of how they would go about the game and how they want to progress. With every action the player chooses, there will be a corresponding path. The twists, puzzles and branching pathways will differ as you dive deeper into the case.

With its almost too real game interface, you would have a life-like feel of the game. It?s a perfect combination of game and gadget. Your phone screen copies the corrupted phone that you happen to find in the game.

Sara is Missing is a bit voyeuristic because you are forced to look around another person?s phone. But once you slowly uncover the mystery, you might think to yourself, ?Maybe I shouldn?t have done it in the first place?

Windows and Mac versions of this game will soon be released, but it is highly recommended that gamers play it using their smartphones for the total suspense-horror package.

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