This Santa’s Five Words Changed This Boy’s Life: Find Out How

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It doesn’t matter whether Santa is real or not. Because for this little six-year-old boy who experienced Santa’s love, kindness and acceptance, he couldn’t be anything but.

Landon was visiting with his family at the River Town Crossings mall in Michigan. They were out to see Santa and he was there to ask a very important question. As per tradition, he and his family went up to Santa to take their family picture. But right after he ran back to the kind old man and asked him this question, “Will my autism put me on the naughty list?”

Landon was afraid Santa and the elves wouldn’t like the fact that he had a mental condition. And boy, did he get the surprise of his life! Without missing a beat, Santa responded what that little boy always wanted to hear. He said, “You know I love you and the reindeer love you and it’s OK. You’re a good boy. You’re a good boy, you know?”

Magic Words Heal

This calmed Landon immediately and his mom Naomi was completely amazed. What Santa told him was exactly what she was trying to teach him since day one. He’s not any better or worse than any other person simply because he has autism. He’s a good boy and Santa made that clear. With five simple words of kindness he changed the boy’s outlook in life. He said, “It’s OK to be you!”

Not only did Santa say these kind words to Landon. He also spent another five minutes listening to Landon’s favorite things and his ‘list’ for the holiday season. Santa gave him his full attention and answered all the little boy’s curious questions. According to Naomi they have met a lot of amazing people in their Autism journey. But this one in particular made it to the top of the list. Watch this video to find out how Santa changed Landon?s world in minutes.

A little act of kindness goes a long way. Don?t forget to do yours today. Happy Holidays.

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