Sandisk 200 GB SD Card: Big Things come in Tiny Packages

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Sometimes, the biggest of surprises comes in the smallest of bundles.

Think for a moment how the technology of storage devices has been moving. In recent times, we were introduced to external hard drives which were previously unthinkable, but not with the advent of a faster tech for USBs. Then came the larger sized USBs; we could finally carry USBs which had the largest size of up to 128 GB, when before, only 64GB USBs were available, and even then their sizes were seen as an innovation in and of itself.

Sandisk comes to us with a surprising 200GB microSD card, the largest SD card so far. In a report from Android Authority, this comes in an age when the largest supported smartphone cards are only up to 128GB, and that?s with high-end phones. What will the future look like with this card? We also take a look at the card, as it is shown through Sandisk?s own website.

Large is Good

Is this the sign that storage devices will be arriving bite-sized?

While the Sandisk microSD is certainly bite-sized, the size that it is carrying is certainly not, as per Android Authority. It appears that big is better even in storage, and this is apparent with the advent of the Sandisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I ?Premium Edition?. It?s a whopper?a small card that can store even as many as you might want to store in it. It might go fast from the shelves when it arrives at Q2 of this year, as per Android Authority, and it will go for $399.99.

While smaller is better, is it in danger of losing data more? Small SD cards are in danger of being crushed when haphazardly kept. It?s best to have it come with a container, just in case your usage of it is only for storage and not for playing media on other devices, the way SD cards right now are currently used.

Sandisk 200GB microSD at a Glance

Sandisk?s 200GB microSD is a reaction to the signs of the times.

As per their website, the design of this 200GB microSD is a response to mobile devices demanding more and more space for files and media which are becoming larger even as the quality of these files are getting better. The result of last year?s research on technology, the microSDXC Ultra card is the culmination of their effort to produce more bits per die, as per Sandisk. In further building it up, the card will also be able to move data at the speed of up to 90 MB/s.

Things that are this good always holds a catch. Will there be one with this microSD? It doesn?t appear that there are, so far, and if that is the case then it?s safe to assume that this microSDXC card will be the game changer in the SD card arena.

Smaller and smaller

The storage devices of yesterday were bulky machines which required a lot of room to store data. With the advent of the SanDisk Ultra microSDXC, it appears that art imitates life as tech that we only imagined in movies are becoming available in today?s world.


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