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San Diego Comic Con Movie Leaks, Pirated Teasers: ‘New Technology’ To Prevent Illegal Copying?

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SDCC 2016

The annual multi-genre entertainment and comic convention dubbed ?San Diego Comic Con? (SDCC 2016) is going on in California. This four-day event usually brings out many amateur video clips of movies captured via smartphones and tablets by enthusiastic conventioneers. Even though the video quality is generally substandard, such leaked footages garner maximum hits in YouTube, forums-related to comics and other similar sites.

However,?Comic Con fans might be disappointed this time around precisely because a ?new technology? has reportedly been employed to prevent piracy. This news has been hinted at by the director James Gunn via his official Facebook account, who is currently working in Marvel’s ?Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.?

A question was posed to Gunn asking if Marvel fans would be given a chance to see clips of the upcoming ?Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.? He said, in case, fans can make it to the Hall H on July 23, they might see ?something? related to the movie.

He also added that “if someone secretly films that [the movie] ? which is less likely to happen because of new technology, but I still know sometimes happens ? then you’ll see it right after. If not then, it will be a short while.”

Even though, we have been hearing the usage of ?new technology? at the?SDCC, in-depth details are not known at this point. Nevertheless, it is a known fact that Comic Con organizers have been trying hard to stop such video clips from leaking online. But every single year, one or the other DC/Marvel video clip makes it to the forums.

Comics Alliance, on the other hand, says San Diego Comic Con might be using one of Apple?s technologies to prevent leaks. According to the site, this technology will be able to switch off the camera units of the attendees? mobile devices remotely. However, readers should note that there is literally no proof to suggest this might be the case in SDCC 2016.

SDCC 2016

Not to forget, the U.S. Government is very concerned about the piracy epidemic. A couple of days back, the world?s biggest file-sharing website??Kickass Torrents? (KAT) was taken down, followed by the arrest of its owner Artem Vaulin.

Vaulin has been charged not just with copyright infringement, but also with money laundering. Assistant Attorney General Caldwell clearly pointed out the extent of damage such sites do to the entertainment industry.

As it turns out, about $1 billion worth of profits have been wiped out of the entertainment industry in the U.S., thanks to the various domains of?Kickass Torrents.

What do you think of the new technology used at San Diego Comic Con? Feel free to leave a comment.

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