San Diego Comic Con 2016: New Yo-Kai Watch Toys On Sale Next Month

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San Diego Comic Con 2016

Yo-Kai Watch might not have been the Pokemon killer it was in Japan, but it? is still a big hit with audiences worldwide. Fans have two new games to look forward to on the 3DS and a bunch of toys that will soon be available, some of which will be shown during San Diego Comic Con 2016.

Polygon unveiled a vinyl figure of Yo-Kai-Watch mascot Dianyan. This figure of the lovable cat Yo-Kai comes with five special medals and can be bought for US$29.99 during the convention. Those who cannot go to the event will be able to pick up the rare toy on Hasbro?s site, though they will be limited.

The new toy isn?t just for show, as fans can use it to unlock the silver Dianyan in the new 3DS games. It seems like the figure will be similar to the various Amiibos that Nintendo has released over the years, though this one appears to be much bigger than those figurines.

For those wondering what the medals are for, it was confirmed that they can be used on the actual Yo-Kai Watch device that can currently be purchased. Admittedly, it is barely a watch and doesn?t have the same features as an Apple Watch, but it is a cute device for kids and fans of the game series.

It?s clear that Yo-Kai-Watch could have a life outside of video games, thanks to the sheer number of toys available as well as the hit show that children adore. Whether it goes as long as Pokemon ? which is still currently showing to this day ? is another story, but at least it is successful.

Aside from these toys, San Diego Comic Con 2016 will also feature a number of panels that will focus on hit television shows and movies. Fans can expect an appearance from the Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange cast.

Yo-Kai-Watch is currently available on the 3DS. The follow-up games ? Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits ? will come to the Nintendo handheld on September 30, which is also the same date for Final Fantasy 15.

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