Samurai Jack Season 5 Release Date & Updates: Beloved Voice Actors Are Back Again

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Samurai Jack Season 5
Samurai Jack Season 5

Calling all Adult Swim’s Toonami fans! Samurai Jack season 5 is well on its way! Your beloved samurai hero is done with his decade-long hibernation and is ready to rumble!

The good news is, the voice actors that fans have gotten to love are back. Starting with Phil LaMarr who will reprise his role as the lead character Jack. Initially, he refused to confirm his comeback for the role. However, the official behind the scenes video was the best confirmation of his return.

Genndy Tartakovsky, the series creator, also said that the Scotsman will return to the show. But a new voice actor will breathe life into the main villain Aku, because of the passing of Mako Iwamatsu back in 2006. Tartakovsky added that the original voice actor was irreplaceable and said that while “the person does a very good imitation, nobody can replace Mako.”

Samurai Jack Season 5 Release Date

On the other hand, Chris Reccardi, writer and storyboard artist, announced on his official Facebook page about the series premiere date set on March 2017. Although Jason DeMarco, Toonami’s producer, said that the date hasn’t been set yet. Because of this, Reccardi deleted his post per

Fans can expect Jack to look different this time around. This in terms of character design and his personality. This is because the story will pick up five decades following the 52nd episode. Previous reports also mentioned that the series will be having a more mature and darker tone. This according to Tartakovsky. He said that the new season is set to become more action-packed.

Darrick Bachman, who is Samurai Jack‘s screenwriter, said that the series will be more badass than it has ever been. Many years following the last episode, Jack?s new adventures will be the story of redemption and self-exploration.

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