Samurai Jack Comes Back – Cartoon Network Orders Season 5 of the Series

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The new Samurai Jack is coming in as a brand new show, but it will be bringing the same thrill that everyone remembers from this classic animated show and now expects from this new iteration. And now that Cartoon Network has ordered a brand new season for the beloved cartoon, everyone?s excited to see what the whole story concept is going to be. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky, the man behind ?Hotel Transylvania 2? and ?Dexter?s Laboratory?, has finally concluded that now is the right time to finish what he started, and the fact that he?s left fans with a rather ?unfinished? business is what?s pushing him to work on the project.

According to the Movie News Guide, Tartakovsky was also asked whether he can see ?Samurai Jack? on the big screen, wherein he gave a rather disconcerting smile and admitted that he was, but immediately reiterated that he doesn?t think Hollywood wants it anyway. But with ?Samurai Jack? returning to TV, he said ?We?ve been trying to get the feature off the ground but maybe that?s just fate?s way of saying this is a television thing and maybe it should be a mini-series or something like that.?

According to MobileNApps, it was Genndy Tartakovsky that reached out to Cartoon Network, promising to finish the series in time. Proposing a 10-episode Samurai Jack Season 5, it looks like the creator has enough funding that he?s even able to attach some drawings to the proposal. Care to know what the first episode will actually look like? Spoiler alert! Read on only if you want to know. Apparently Jack will be using a motorcycle to fight his enemies, using a large weapon specially designed for the protagonist. Hakku is also featured taunting Jack, who currently sports long hair and a beard.

During its glory days. Samurai Jack earned 6 Emmy Awards and 6 Annie Awards; another reason why people think Cartoon Network is obliged to adopt the series again. Currently, details about the release date of Samurai Jack has not been announced, but given how Cartoon Network confirmed the order of the new episodes, it may not be long before we see Samurai Jack on our television screens.

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