Samurai Jack 2016: How Jack Will be Different in Season 5

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Samurai Jack 2016 – one of the most sought out cartoon series is reported to be back in the small screens later this year. The series will still be under its original showrunner Genndy Tartakovsky. Of course, the excitement is there and nothing seems to get underway in dampening the expectations of viewers who have always hoped for the series to return.

But to give you an idea on how it?s been on the previous episodes of Samurai Jack, here are a few bits and pieces that may help you remember Jack and how he?s changed over time. The previous episodes of Samurai Jack portrays the protagonist as aggressive and brave. One you can easily spot for someone who works as a warrior, as a Samurai.

In the episode ?Jack vs Mad Jack,? the primary character was seen trying to discover a way to time travel and find Aku. Aku is Jack?s nemesis and surely, fans will conclude that the moment they meet, a series battle will begin. Jack, hailed to defeat Aku, had subtly disappointed fans when he came to just survive the attacks of Aku, instead of winning against him.

This time around, the protagonist in the Samurai Jack 2016 revival, or what people are calling Samurai Jack Season 5, will surprisingly be characterized as the quiet and withdrawn fighter. Jack will be the definition of a hero who maintains his calmness despite the growing tension around him. Practicing his patience and the ability to avoid fighting, Samurai Jack will not be seen as less of a hero. In fact, his renewed approach to his enemies is what?s going to make him stronger.

4283084240_c1ff89669a_b Aubrey Sitterson observation of Samurai Jack is revealed on her statement that said ?Jack?s realization that he is becoming the worst part of himself, that he is allowing Aku?s relentless attacks, his ruthless torment, to break him, to accomplish exactly that which his nemesis desires. It?s the kind of smart genre storytelling that the show does so well, using a well-worn trope like an evil twin to not just provide a new threat for the protagonist, but to actually teach us something crucial about him.?

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