Samsung?s Galaxy Note 7 Features Revealed Ahead of Release Date Tomorrow: It?s ?Big, Bold, Beautiful,? Says Sprint

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Galaxy Note 7 (Representational Image)
Galaxy Note 7 (Representational Image)

In a matter of hours, Samsung will be unveiling the heavily-anticipated Galaxy Note 5 successor dubbed, the Galaxy Note 7. Meanwhile, Sprint?s ?planogram,? which helps in pinpointing where exactly a device should be placed in the display shelf of the store, got leaked ahead of the August 2 release.

Sprint?s planogram comes right after Verizon?s internal memo got leaked only a couple of hours back.?Phone Arena, citing the leak, says the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available for purchase starting August 19 at the Verizon stores in the U.S.

According to the leaked planogram, the Galaxy Note 7?s S Pen is apparently the most powerful stylus and it is precise. Yesterday, a leak pointed to?three key features of the S Pen stylus. The list includes a new feature dubbed ?Translate.? This option will reportedly allow the handset user to translate words of any language to English all by hovering the stylus over the foreign word. This feature will be of immense use when stuck in a foreign land.

?Magnify? is the second reported feature, which can apparently help in zooming the display by hovering the S Pen over any area on the screen. The third feature is ?Glance.? This will allow the device user to switch between apps by hovering the stylus over the app icon.

Galaxy Note 7

Other than the advanced S Pen, the planogram also says the upcoming phablet will be water-resistant. The IP rating has not been indicated. However, the listing says ?wipe off spills and splashes.?

Camera-wise, although there is no mention of the megapixel, it says the shooter housed in the smartphone has fast autofocus for clear photos even in lowlight conditions.

Finally, there is a confirmation about the dual-edge display.?Past rumors also suggested that there will be no flat screen this time around. Samsung has instead opted to go with a brilliant dual-edge screen with Super AMOLED technology in tow.

The Galaxy Note 7 will apparently come equipped with 64GB of native storage space, in addition to a microSD card slot with an expansion capacity of up to 256GB. This also means 64GB is the base version.

While Samsung?s?Galaxy Note 7 release date is set for August 2, the pre-orders will reportedly start on the next day.


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