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Samsung Z1: Specs, Features, and Reactions

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The CES 2015 brought a lot of new consumer electronics along with it, but the biggest so far might have been the smartphones especially the Samsung Z1.

The main companies?Samsung, Apple, and Sony?showcased their phones during the event. It?s Samsung who revealed their newest phone, the Z1, which runs the Tizen OS. First Post brings to us just how awesome Tizen is, as well as a first look at the Samsung Z1?it kind of reminds one of another phone, doesn?t it? However, is it every bit as similar as that said phone? More to come as we explore the First Post article and the Samsung Z1.

That doesn?t end there, though. There are a lot of other specs available on GSM Arena that sheds more light about the Z1 and its specs. How will it fare among the latest phones to come out this year? Will the Tizen OS carry the Samsung Z1 right into the year, and will it do well? Let?s take a look at the specs and the features, and when it?s done, we?ll see just how good the Samsung Z1 is.

The Indian Launch?a Takeaway

So what does the Samsung Z1 Tizen-based looks like?

If you take a look at the Indian launch of the phone, it seems people would be taking a look at this phone for a while. The Z1 is available for a price of 5,700 Rs (as per First Post), although there are a lot of doubts about the Tizen. Samsung took a significant plunge into unfamiliar waters by using the Z1 as a testing ground of sorts for the Tizen OS. The Tizen is a Linux-based OS, developed in 2012 as a project of the Linux Foundation. While it certainly invokes a bit of curiosity, there is a lot to be wary of.

First off, the Tizen OS is only on its second leg of usage. The first time Samsung used a different OS for a phone, it flopped, as per First Post; that was way back when Samsung tried to pin their hopes and failed miserably with the Bada OS.

The Samsung Z1?s Notable Features

Display. According to GSM Arena, the phone has a PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen with a size of 4.0 inches. It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. For gamers and people who love using phones with a big screen for easier playing and watching, this size doesn?t say much. However, with the advent of phones with clearer resolutions, this phone is already average and can satisfy those who are not so picky.

?Specs. The phone is running the Tizen OS v.2.3, as per GSM Arena, and it?s also using a Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 CPU. Is it going to run slow? Hopefully not, since it?s got at least 768 MB of RAM?pretty small by most standards, but what do you expect for a budget phone? It?s also got an initial storage space of around 4GB expandable up to 64 GB?perfect for people who use phones as their storage devices.

Features. Aside from the generic features that come with these phones?messaging, MMS, and all the wrapping included?the Tizen OS doesn?t afford as much features as possible as the more readily available Android OS and the iOS, which had been perfecting their features for a long time. That?s one of the weaknesses of the Tizen OS, a relatively new operating system by most standards.

How will it Fare?

Being relatively new and with most people preferring to experience it for themselves, the Z1 might sell big. However, it doesn?t pack as much as the top choices out there?even Samsung?s own Note series can trump this phone, and understandably so, since it looks to be a budget phone by some standards. But it would be interesting to try out the Samsung Z1 just to get a feel of the Tizen.


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