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Samsung To Dip Its Toes On Hardware Virtual Assistant With Bixby Speaker

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Samsung rumored to be working on Bixby speaker codenamed Vega

Ever since Amazon released the Echo and its very own personal virtual assistant, Alexa, the market for connected speakers have been growing in a steady pace. Last year, Google released the Google home; its very own version of a standalone virtual assistant.

Last June, Apple introduced its own artificial intelligence speaker, the HomePod. And while the device is yet to be released, many Apple fans are already looking forward to having in their homes. That said, Samsung answered the call for a standalone virtual assistant with the Bixby Speaker, codenamed “Vega.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung is currently developing a connected speaker based on its Bixby virtual assistant. The new project, henceforth dubbed as “Vega,” is said to be under development for more than a year. The only thing holding it back is the delay that the developers are having with the Bixby digital assistant.

Samsung rumored to be working on Bixby speaker codenamed Vega

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At the moment, the Bixby assistant is only available in Korean. Samsung is yet to release the English version of Bixby. And according to reports, it may not even happen in July. The supposed release date of the English-Bixby app is said to happen on the second half of July. However, due to some technical issues, the release may be delayed even further.

With Apple already announcing the release of the HomePod later this year, Samsung will have to contend with it and other virtual assistant bigwigs like Amazon and Google. Right now, Amazon holds roughly 70 percent of the market for virtual assistants in the U.S. Google follows closely as they are the only two at the moment who offers the devices. Apple will still be testing the waters around December when it finally released the HomePod.

In addition to these, to secure the market for connected speakers, Amazon has released a much better version of the Echo, the Echo Show which features video and voice calling. For more updates on the Bixby Speaker of Project Vega, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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