Samsung VR Vs Apple VR: 3 Big Leads Of Samsung Over Apple

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Samsung VR vs Apple

Samsung takes the spotlight as they are now more than a few steps up from Apple in the ladder to perfecting ?virtual reality machines.?

Apple may have the iPhone, iPad, the Macbook ? three of the most popular gadgets anywhere in the world but Samsung has something bigger than all those gadgets combined, and it?s a pretty crucial thing as Virtual Reality (VR) was at the forefront in the recent South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive 2016.

Samsung?s new phone, the Galaxy S7 can do pretty awesome stuff with new features that the iPhone 6S can?t do, as Times of India notes: it can go underwater, can charge wirelessly, and add extra storage (via microSD).

But it doesn?t stop there, as Samsung?s new phone lineup is beyond cool because it?s the new Galaxy 7 aren?t just regular phones, they?re ?virtual reality machines.?

Here are Samsung 3 big leads over Apple (via Times of India)

  • Samsung has a variety of phones, over two generations deep, that double as powerful VR machines. Simply buy a $100 Gear VR headset and slap your Samsung phone in: voila, you have a powerful VR headset.
  • Samsung has a dedicated VR store, full of VR apps, that you can buy right now.
  • Samsung partnered with Oculus VR, the Facebook-owned standard bearer in virtual reality.

Although, Apple is still a powerful competitor and the iPhone is still a popular choice among consumers, but they have a long way to go in making virtual reality a reality in their products. They?re surely working on it but Samsung just went ahead of them by a mile with the VR and that kind of technology is what puts Samsung on the advantage over everyone and not just Apple.

But surely, Apple will come up with something to compete with or to top Samsung?s VR feature. Samsung just made the first move and a very smart one at that.

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