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Samsung To Unveil Social Network Waffle: Worth Downloading?

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Samsung is set to unveil ?Waffle?, one of its latest social media app that will feature an incredible ?collaborative content creation.? Samsung may have created a new kind of interface that will pave the way for future social media platforms, but is it worth downloading?

Samsung Waffle

The new social media app was designed by C-Lab, a program by Samsung that lets its employees create and show business ideas, according to The Verge. It was also reported that ?Waffle? was named after the grid of images that users can create that makes for a waffle-like feature.

?Waffle? will be Samsung?s new content-sharing application that will somehow differ from other social media platforms. Instead of sharing unrelated photos and video shared by your friends, the app will be able to create a new platform of ?expendable content? much like a ?communal graffiti wall,? according to Samsung.

?Waffle enables users to add their own perspective to someone else?s content, and vice versa,? Joseph Kim, Project Creative Leader said in a statement. ?These doodles, images, and messages converge into entirely new content.?

Take a look at the new Samsung social media app Waffle:

Is it worth downloading?

There?s no harm in trying out the new app from Samsung, but it?s unlikely to be a popular social media platform. NextWeb reported that although it may have a different ?visualization? of social media, it still hasn?t made a huge difference, and sadly, it provides nothing exciting.

Other projects from C-Lab include Hum On!, an app that changes ?hummed melodies? into soothing music and Entrim 4D, a new VR accessory that lets users feel the movements of on-screen actions. These exciting project will be available to try at South by Southwest from March 13 to 16 and will be showcased at Stand 1710 in Exhibit Hall 2 of the Austin Convention Center in Texas.


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