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Samsung To Open Window For Microsoft Updates

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Samsung to release patch for Windows update
Samsung will release a patch that will allow Windows updates in the coming days.

Samsung will be releasing a new patch that will ensure a hassle-free Windows update among all their computers. This was done in response to the issue that Samsung computers do not allow automatic Windows updates in their system.

This announcement was made just in time for the Windows 10 launch that?s expected to be available next month.

The new patch, which will be available through Samsung Software Update in the next few days, is expected to counter an existing Disable_Windowsupdate.exe file that?s pre-installed in some Samsung computers. The discovery was made by Microsoft researcher, Patrick Barker, while working on one of the Korean tech brand?s computers last week.

Because of the program, Windows users would have to resolve to manually installing Microsoft?s patches to update their wares. Not only that, according to, even if Samsung users already re-enabled the “Install updates automatically” option on Windows Update, once the computer rebooted, the program will inconveniently return the Windows system to manual updates.

Samsung issued a statement saying that the program was made as an option for users to ?choose if and when they want to update the Windows software on their products.?

Although it?s not yet clear which models have pre-installed Disable_Windowsupdate.exe programs, it is said that those running on Windows XP and higher are likely to have this setting. Complaints on the issue is said to have been surfacing since April this year.

According to Samsung?s support team, the program was done to avoid Window?s update from overwriting the Korean brand?s hardware drivers. Instead of just addressing this issue however, the function has completely disabled all Windows updates. This has also compromised the updates of Microsoft?s security measures against malwares and other malicious programs.

With the new patch, it is expected that Samsung will provide windows on when Microsoft can conduct updates in the computers. To date, Microsoft?s Windows 10 that?s touted to launch on July 29, will be the last OS that they will be introducing, and that only regular updates will be done in the future.

This is one of the issues Samsung was involved in this month. Earlier, news broke out that 600 million Samsung mobile phones has a software glitch that made it vulnerable to hackers.

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