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Samsung to announce 360-degree camera in February?

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 Samsung could be headed towards the race to provide solutions to the need for Virtual Reality video viewing. The VR race is heating up between stalwarts with Apple hiring a secret team after aggressive hiring from competitors and acquiring as many VR start-ups as they can. The Verge reports that Samsung had announced the possibility of a 360-degree camera in 2014.

Project Beyond was Samsung?s claim to fame in what the industry expects to be the new market where all the technological advances will create new avenues. The project was meant to go hand in hand with the Gear VR headset. The Gear VR is now in production, but the camera was suddenly lost in all the other news updates for VR.

However, Samsung has finally revived their plans to, according to SamMobile. They reported that the 360 degree camera is all set to be launched, and it will be one of the most sought after accessories with the Samsung Galaxy S7. A February launch would inevitably mean that Samsung will have more than smartphones to present at the Mobile World Congress 2016 at Barcelona. There is a press conference scheduled to take place on Feb. 21, a day before MWC 2016 begins.

The report claims that Samsung?s Project Beyond has led to the company developing a spherical camera. The 360 degree view is achieved by a couple of 180 degree fisheye lenses. The camera can be connected to your device via Bluetooth using the Gear 360 Connect app. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is confirmed to be compatible with the 360 degree camera as other smartphones on that list await to be revealed or leaked online.

This is all speculation until Samsung decides to spill the beans about their next step in the VR market. The launch of the camera can upset Apple?s plans of pioneering in the segment. We will have to wait until the MWC 2016 begins before getting to know what Samsung really has planned along with the launch of their new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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