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Samsung Tizen Smartphone Launching in Russia by May 2014: 720p Display, 1GB of RAM and 4G-LTE Connectivity

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Tizen OS may finally debut this year according to reports which could be launched at Russia in May 2014, under two flagship smartphones.

Tizen Smartphone Debut

Tizen OS is a Linux-based system for mobile devices governed by a Technical Steering Group composed primarily by Intel and Samsung, and a direct competitor to Android OS. Tizen running smartphones was supposed to be released last year, but delayed for some reasons.

According to reports from TizenIndonesia, Tizen smartphones are expected to be launched in Russia around May this year. It is also going to be launched in Brazil and other developing countries later on.

Senior Vice-President of Samsung?s Product Strategy team Yoon Han-Kil said to Reuters that Samsung plans to introduce at least two smartphones running Tizen OS by the second quarter of 2014.

It is a major step to break away from Google?s Android OS and a possibility to build a new and more personalised ecosystem for Samsung.

Famous tipster @evleaks leaked out some details of the upcoming Tizen smartphone and it has the model number SM-Z9005. SM-Z9005 features dual-core Krait processor, 1 GB of RAM chipset, 720p display resolution and 4G-LTE connectivity that runs TouchWiz UI.

Tizen OS Diversion

Samsung has a lot of plans for Tizen OS and will soon demonstrate how diverse it is from Android OS which is currently powering the company?s hard-selling Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

  1. Reduction of reliance over Google?s mobile operating system.
  2. Opening a new source of stream of revenue from sales of third-party apps and services.
  3. Direct challenge against two mobile OS giants ? Android and iOS.
  4. Open-source trait due to its OS family, Linux with less dependence to write apps using Tizen SDK only.
  5. Compatibility with other Linux-based systems.
  6. Application tools based on JavaScript libraries.
  7. Software development kit or SDK allows development of applications based on HTML5 or any other related Web technologies.

Tizen is also related to other projects including Bada OS which runs Wave smartphones, Cordova implementation, River Trail from Intel and an upcoming mobile operating system based in Linux called Sailfish OS.

As of now, Redwood Samsung Tizen Z9005 or GT-I8800 is the high-end pre-production model sent out by Samsung to developers and it utilises TouchWiz UI with similar design factors to the Galaxy line of devices.

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