Samsung Smartwatch: A Look at Android Smartwatches, Including Samsung’s ‘Newest’

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The season of the smartwatch seems to have been ushered in by Apple.

As proof of such fad, this report from Android Headlines covered how things are doing over at the Android side of the fence. A lot of people have been raving about Apple?s Smartwatch, but what about the Android crowd? We take a look at the various Android smartwatches that are soon to hit or already in the market.

Aside from that, we also take a look at this Biztekmojo report. People might be wondering what to expect from the Android smartwatch market. Here in this report, a glimpse was given of the Android smart watches and a few ones which may give Apple a run for their money.

In Time for the Holidays

Samsung may be gearing for something big in the holidays.

That is, according to the Android Headlines, something big that arrives in so small a package. With smartwatches being all the rage nowadays, Samsung is aiming to join this with its own entry in the smartwatch competition. After all, it can?t just let Apple have all the fun, now, can it?

Samsung got some trademark patents for the names ?Glastyle?, ?W?, and ?Samsung Wheel UX?. Also from the report, Samsung appears to have bigger plans in store for their Gear line; including improvements in design and appearance, something that should help the watches sell as a legitimate timepiece and not just something trivial.

Help from Friends

Samsung isn?t the only company eyeing to produce smartwatches for the Android crowd.

According to the Biztekmojo report, Android owners have every reason to be excited. The Android crowd will soon get a diverse range of watches for themselves. Some companies like LG and Motorola will also be rolling out their own versions of smartwatches, aside from Samsung and Apple, who have spearheaded the way.

LG has its Watch R; Motorola has its 360; and there?s also the Pebble, a smartwatch born from a Kickstarter-funded campaign. Android appears to be fighting back from the initial push driven by the appearance of the Apple Watch in the market for smartwatches.

A New Frontier

Technology keeps getting better and better. At first, mobile phones were just a tool for communication; it?s grown to become something beyond that. Now, watches appear to be following suit. Who knows what kind of wonder technology could spawn in the coming years?


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