Samsung Diving Into Self-Driving Cars

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Samsung switching gears to self-driving cars

It seems like more and more mainstream tech companies are digging their heels on autonomous vehicles. Earlier this month, Apple was granted a permit to test a self-driving car all around California. A few weeks after that, a supposed Apple self-driving test vehicle was spotted by local pedestrians. Now, new reports suggest that Samsung is also jumping onto the self-driving bandwagon, so to speak.

According to The Korea Herald, the government of South Korea has granted Samsung the permit to test its self-driving car on public roads. This is the first time that Samsung has been reported with regards to autonomous vehicles.

The report also mentioned that Samsung will be focusing much of its efforts on the development of sensors for self-driving cars. Furthermore, the company will also dig deeper into machine learning or artificial intelligence. It aims to produce sensors and computer modules that feature deep-learning. These systems will also be used on rough terrains and more challenging road conditions.

Samsung switching gears to self-driving cars

Uber’s self-driving car (via

Apart from these information, nothing much is said about the supposed self-driving car from Samsung. Also, it is uncertain if the said technology will make its way into the mass market especially outside of South Korea.

For now, all that can be said is that Samsung, much like Apple, is diversifying its portfolio by investing in self-driving cars. Perhaps, the company has seen the financial benefits of specializing in systems pertaining to vehicle autonomy. Unfortunately, the report did not mention any timeframe as to when Samsung is planning on doing the actual tests. Nevertheless, this will be a new avenue for Samsung to explore and become a main player of.

To date, South Korea’s Land Ministry has issued a total of 20 permits for tests of self-driving cars in the country. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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