Samsung Reported To Launch World’s First Foldable Tablet In Early 2015: Can Be Converted To A Three-Fold Smartphone?

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Samsung rumored to release a foldable tablet by 2015 (pictured: Samsung Galaxy Round)

Samsung Electronics may soon realize tech savvy people?s long-held dream of a 2-in-1 foldable device. A new patent from the South Korean company has been spotted by SamMobile showing the prototype of a foldable tablet device.

The tech giant has hinted that a foldable tablet and other devices with foldable display may be launched commercially on 2015. In a recent analyst event presentation, Samsung is rumored to have shown foldable prototypes to investors. Unfortunately, that demo was made private so the media and general public are left with third party leaks and patent applications to base all these speculations from.

The topic of foldable tablets and smartphones is not new. Actually, it was in 2012 that Samsung applied for a patent referencing a device with a tri-fold display. During that time, it was suggested that the technical knowledge necessary to achieve a functional version of such device would only be available by 2015 or 2016.

But that idea is apparently set to be challenged as reports circulating in the tech world that Samsung is already in the final stages of manufacturing a foldable tablet that will be released come 2015. Based on the patent illustrations, the device seems to have three separate displays that can be folded and unfurled into the full size of a tablet. When folded twice, the device then turns into a smartphone.

Samsung's patent application shows a future foldable tablet

Samsung’s patent application shows a future foldable tablet

This new foldable tablet patent may have something to do with Samsung?s current advances in graphene technology. Graphene is an ultra-thin, extremely durable material with high heat conductibility ? it has been hyped as a possible silicon replacement for semiconductors and hardware parts.

According to South Korean website Daum, the foldable tablet slash smartphone will supposedly come with an 8 or 9-inch full HD OLED display. Samsung has never confirmed anything about the existence or the specs of this device. Although a three-fold device is really interesting, it is not the only foldable gadget that Samsung is allegedly working on. Reports suggest that the next generation Galaxy Note will have YOUM display with three sides that will allow users to view notifications from various angles.


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