Samsung May Release Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition Globally This Month

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition releasing globally this July

Last July 7, Samsung finally made 400,000 units of the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition available in South Korea. A few days after the release, the company said that it has no intentions of releasing more than the originally planned number of the refurbished phone.

Furthermore, the plan is only to release the phone in South Korea and nowhere else. While that may be true, a new report claims there is still a chance for other market to experience the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition.

According to South Korea’s The Investor, even though Samsung has already said that the refurbished phone will be limited to the country, an insider claims the company might still consider other markets. What is more, the release will also happen within the month.

Ever since Samsung released the phone in South Korea, retailers have been coping with more than 20,000 customers a day wanting to buy the phone. This figure has grown from 15,000 on the first couple of days of the release.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition releasing globally this July

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The sudden surge of interest is due to a few a few things that Samsung has done to the phone. Mainly the updates firmware, a safer battery, and an incredibly low price. Right now, consumers from South Korea will be able to purchase the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition for only $610, 20 percent cheaper than the original phone.

Samsung has decided to change the battery size on the refurbished phone. From the original specs of 3,500mAh, the company switched to a smaller 3,200mAh. Finally, the phone also received a new firmware update making it up to par in software features with the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

There is no telling is Samsung is serious in releasing the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition globally. However, based on previous news, the company has already passed major safety certifications from various countries around the world. For more updates on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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