Samsung Patents Floating Display; Foldable Smartphones and Tablets Coming Soon?

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Samsung Flexible display
Samsung foldable Tablet and Smartphone

Are you ready for Samsung foldable tablets and smartphones? Samsung has long been rumored to be creating flexible touchscreen displays, and recently, a new patent application has surfaced providing us with more details on the concept of foldable smartphones as well as tablets. The latest patents released by Patently Mobile shows a large screen tablet that can be folded in half very much like a book and also features a side-screen similar to that of the Galaxy Edge series.

The patent specifically revealed a new technology called floating display technology. The patent images revealed that the new concept is listed as a way to unlock the foldable tablet. With the floating display, users can check out the phone or tablet by just opening the device a little for a quick glance rather than snapping it wide open.

Though Samsung hasn?t detailed how the new tech works, it seems like users will be able to use the device similar to a laptop, when opened will have the keyboard adjacent to the screen. But instead of a keyboard, the lower half of the flexible display of the device is aligned to where the upper half folds. So in a way, users could use the device similar to a laptop with the onscreen keyboard likely to be opened in floating display mode.

In addition, Samsung patent gave details of the ?edge display area,? the display panel on edges of the device which can be accessed when the tablet is folded shut. The patent shows that the edge display area could be used to perform a variety of functions as it could accommodate application shortcuts which when tapped, can load respective applications and have them in the foreground as soon as the user unfolds the tablet. It also revealed that the edges on a foldable smartphone could serve different functions depending on the direction in which the device faces.

Aside from that, it showed how multiple user profiles might be displayed on the first edge display area, enabling a plurality of users to punch in their password using the edge display before unlocking the foldable tablet. Number icons for inputting a password may be displayed on the second edge display area.

Samsung filed this patent application back in November 2015 but so far has not come up with any products that bring these inventions to life. So, it?ll probably be a while before we can actually see a foldable display technology in the works.

However, the company is said to be working on at least one foldable device codenamed ?Project Valley? and rumors indicate that the device is called Galaxy X smartphone which has a flexible 4K display and could be launched in the beginning of 2017. Also, the company is said to be testing two foldable smartphones with a flexible display, one sporting a Snapdragon 620 and the other an SD 820 chipset. Rumors also indicate that the next premium flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S8, may also feature the foldable display.

So, are you excited about Samsung?s foldable tablets and smartphones?

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