Samsung “Owns” Gesture Control for Wearable Tech Devices

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Samsung “Owns” Gesture Control for Wearable Tech Devices

With all the ?trouble? Samsung is getting from patent-infringement cases, the company must have surely learned some good lessons. Recent patents that are published, show that Samsung is trying to protect itself by making sure that they own some of the upcoming mobile tech that will change the mobile device game in the years to come. One of these is the tech involving ?Gesture Control? for wearable technology devices.?

Recent published documents on patents show that Samsung has patented the technology for gesture control for a smartwatch style wearable device. The tech involves how hand gestures in mid air can be interpreted by a smartwatch device.

This is big news not only for Samsung but for the whole mobile device industry, as these kinds of patents elevate the current level of ?touchscreen? tech into the next phase of mobile technology.

Tech sites have reported (originally spotted by the tech blog SammyToday), that eight patents featuring illustrations of a smartwatch, showed various sensors that can interpret mid air gestures, and translate them into interface functions.

The sensors reportedly include a touch sensor incorporated in the watchband, a processor that accepts gestures detected by a front camera, and sensors that can identify certain movements done by the ?hand? that is moving (where the device is strapped).

One of the patents that were published and reported also showed a ? a rotatable element about the touch-sensitive display? which analysts say could mean that the bezel in the watch could be another sensor interface. Another patent illustration showed that some finger movements could be detected by a camera on the watch band.

Reports say that the various gestures picked up by the sensors would be interpreted through a ?gesture priority decoder? that would enable the smartwatch to decide which gesture is to be prioritized or paid “most attention” to. This also lets the device delegate the tasks needed to be done, to another ?synced? device, aside from the smartwatch.

Analysts see the ?gesture priority decoder?as an ingenious way of using various smart devices (like a tablet and smartphone) to work on tasks together, depending on the complexity of the task that needs to be done.

Another thing tech sites found interesting is the change in design featured in the published patents. Samsung users, especially for the smart ?Gear? line, will note that the shape of the device is?not round, like what is shown in the patent illustrations. The round watch face shown in the patent drawings are more similar to the Moto360 of Motorola than the Samsung Gear devices.

The reports said that the Samsung patent applications were filed around August last year (2013), so the design used may not be a critical factor in the final look for any upcoming Samsung ?gesture controlled? devices.

The real genius in this patented technology, tech experts say, is that it removes the factor of ?small screen real estate? that makes it difficult for smartwatches to have a comfortable interface, and the jump from touchscreen to gesture control will surely change the way we ?talk? to our smart devices in the years to come.

Image Source: Screenshot / Samsung Patent Application

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