Samsung NX Mini Ultra Slim Camera: The Perfect Selfie Device

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Samsung NX Mini Ultra Slim Camera: The Perfect Selfie Device


IN THE BEGINNING , our smartphones evolved into superb camera devices. This enabled mankind to create one of the most widely practiced acts ? the ?selfie?.

In the past years, the camera function and apps in smartphones have gotten better and better that many amateur and even professional photographers have used their smartphones for their photography requirements.

This development in smartphone cameras has also provided the ?selfie? taker in each of us, a reliable tool to snap that ?selfie? and post it immediately on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social networking sites.

Some are asking, is this the end of digital cameras? Especially for those who are more interested to take the ?selfie? type of photos?

Not if the Samsung NX Mini can do anything about it.

In a role reversal kind of way, the Samsung NX Mini camera, like a number of ?smart? cameras in the market, has adapted the proverb ?If you can’t beat them, join them?.

The NX Mini from Samsung is an ultra slim camera that packs Samsung’s ?Smart Camera 3.0? platform. The camera is capable of sharing photos wirelessly via Wifi and NFC. It also has a sidecar remote mechanism, a remote viewfinder and even a tool to monitor babies.

The NX Mini also boasts of a new type of lens mount (that automatically differentiates itself from the other NX lens lineup of Samsung) that is capable of handling small optics.

This mount makes it convenient to carry the camera even with the pancake kit lens.

The NX Mini is unbelievably slim at 0.88 inches and is not much thicker than some ?thick? mobile smartphones.

Although the NX Mini does not sport an eye level electronic or optical viewfinder, it does have a 3-inch touch screen that flips up. The touch screen is very much similar to Samsung’s much older point and shoot cameras like the MV800.

And what does this touch screen mean to the selfie photographer?

The flip up touch screen can be positioned to face forward and help the user to take a selfie conveniently, with the correct framing and angle.

This shooting advantage is coupled with a 20 MP , 1 inch type CMOS imager.

The shutter speed in the NX Mini is impressive at 1/16,000 of a sec with a 6fps (frames per second) continuous shooting capability.

For those who aren’t satisfied with just ?selfie still shots?, the NX Mini can take videos at 30fps (in movie mode).

This camera is also filled with manual buttons for those who want full control of aperture and other settings. Perfect for both the stylish and the experimental type of photographer.

One criticism noted about the NX Mini is that its slim factor does not enable it to possess the usual dials and buttons found in many digital cameras.

The NX Mini’s 2.7X focal-length multiplier is available in two types of kits. One pancake lens kit with a 9mm / F3.5 configuration has a field view of 24 mm when attached to the camera. The other kit, a 9-27 mm zoom lens has a field of view of 24-73 mm when mounted.

The tight form also means that the NX Mini is incapable of using the standard SD card so users will have to use the Micro SD size.

Reports indicate that the Samsung NX Mini will be available this April 2014 at approximately US$ 450 to US$ 550 Dollars, depending on the pancake kit preferred. The item comes with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

Since the NX Mini caters to the fashionable ?selfie? crowd, Samsung purposely designed it to come in bright colors such as mint green and pink, as well as the classic brown, black and white.

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