Samsung ‘Unpacked’ Event Launches New Samsung Gear VR

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Samsung Gear VR

Oculus and Samsung teamed up once more for the new Samsung Gear VR. Officially launched at yesterday?s ?Unpacked? event, this new iteration of the VR (Virtual Reality) goggle introduces needed improvements from the previous model.


Top among the changes on the Gear VR is the aesthetics. It?s predecessor is made of white plastic with black trimmings. This made gaming a bit difficult because of the glare caused by internal reflections. Clearly, Samsung made sure that this problem is dealt with by changing the chassis color to midnight blue.

Another improvement was made to the foam linings around the headset. They made them thicker and softer. This provides increased comfort and a more immersive experience. The straps were made longer as well for added flexibility.

The third improvement that Samsung and Oculus did is increase the field-of-view. From a 96-degree of the previous model, the new Gear VR now has a 101-degree field-of-view. This makes the entire experience even more fascinating.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung also listened to customer feedbacks and redesigned the controls for the Gear VR. They removed the indented cross pad, made the controls larger and added a separate Oculus home button.

Finally, Samsung added an extra USB-C port to the side of the headset. This port serves as a pass-through for power as well as for for future peripherals.

Backward compatibility

The Samsung Gear VR is originally made for the Galaxy Note 7. For this reason, the headset uses USB-C to communicate with the smartphone. Fortunately, Samsung will be supplying it with an additional micro-USB connector. This makes it possible for owners of older Samsung phones such as Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Note 5, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+ to use the headset.


Much like its predecessor, the new Gear VR will retail at $99. Sadly though, it will not come as a VR bundle for the Galaxy note 7. Samsung will also not provide a discount or trade-ins for upgrades.

The Samsung Gear VR will go on pre-order today, August 3, and will hit the shelves on August 19.

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