Samsung Launch New Phones In August: A New Note 5 In The Works (Rumor)

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Samsung just sent invitations to the media for a possible launch event this August 13 in New York, and a lot of people are excited. Possibly hoping to overshadow Apple?s usual iPhone launch in September, the Korean smartphone giant is scrambling to make an impression. And we?re predicting a new Galaxy Note 5 will make waves.

Samsung fans are in for a surprise as the new photos of the Galaxy Note 5 scales its way to the internet. Despite the rumor on the August unveiling of the Note 5, renders of the phone design still managed to show up. Looking at the new Note 5 images, it?s safe to say that it is the final appearance that is going to be displayed at the Samsung event.

According to, Samsung already has an event confirmed for August 13, with the Galaxy Note 5 as its highlight. Some of the rumored specs include a 5.7-inch QuadHD screen, Exynos 7422 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB/64GB/128GB storage options, a 3220mAh battery, 16-megapixel camera, and, of course, an improved S-Pen, shared by the website. If you?re a tech buff, you?ll definitely understand that the new phone is going to be so much bigger and that much better.

The Korean tech company, according to Forbes, sent out invites to the press confirming its yearly ?unpacked? event which is going to take place at the 13th August in New York, instead of the IFA (in Berlin) this September. The only thing that hasn?t changed is that Samsung will launch two devices, except only one will be a Galaxy Note, the report added. Expect another great unveiling event of Samsung considering the amount of rumors it?s been having since the Galaxy Note 5 pictures emerged.

To even excite the fans more, Samsung has also shared the world?s first 11k mobile phone display that will parade a whopping 2250 pixels per inch (ppi), according to Korea?s Electronic Times. The display will be so good that it may mirror the effect of seeing 3D without the glasses. This state-of-the-art improvement is set to enter in 2018. For a more in depth explanation of the new display check out the link here.

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