16TB Hard Drive Launched By Samsung Is World’s Most Powerful: What We Know So Far

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If you think your 4TB Hard Drive was already big, wait until you see Samsung?s whopping large Hard Drive.

During the Flash Memory Summit in California, Samsung has unveiled what seems to be the world?s largest hard drive, a staggering 16TB capacity, but instead of the conventional hard disk drives where it uses spinning discs, it will be using NAND flash chips; similar that from solid state drives. The newest storage drive is called PM1633a (and hopefully they could replace it with a better sounding name) and this latest model is targeted for the enterprise market.

What makes the PM1633a impressive is how they managed to stack a 16TB storage capacity in a 2.5 inch SSD package. The secret behind the 16TB capacity is the 256Gbit (32GB) NAND flash die that was developed by Samsung, it is the doubled version of the 128Gbit NAND dies that are commercially available in the market. In order to reach 16TB worth of storage size, Samsung managed to cram 48 layers of 3-bits-per-cell (TLC) 3D V-NAND into a single die, as a result, a large storage drive in a small package. The largest storage drive available in the market right now is from Seagate and Western Digital with 8 to 10TB of storage capacity.

For starters, Solid State Drive have faster reading and writing speed compared to the conventional Hard Disk Drives, making it an essential for booting up your operating system or launching a memory-heavy applications. But the drawback is that they have smaller storage capacity and has a shorter lifespan compared to a HDD when performing write-only processes. You can check out ASUS?s introduction about Solid State Drives and how it pars with Hard Disk Drives

Another interesting tidbits here is that the manufacturing of NAND dies have increased as well as its density, meaning it will be able to produce larger storage capacities that could out phased the HDDs, but some experts believed that the HDD won?t go away soon.

No details for the pricing of the PM1633a, but expect a higher price tag due to its build and storage size.

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