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Samsung Gear VR: Practical Uses for the VR Headset

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Things are getting virtual around here.

Samsung?s VR Headset, the latest wearable tech to hit the market, is going to be sold at Best Buy today. With a price tag of around $199.99, the VR Headset?s finally arriving to a more accessible arrangement. Be it via?online purchase or by?physical sale, where you can have a feel of the Headset, the Samsung VR Headset is built with the help of Oculus Rift?would now be made available in stores.

We take a look at this PC Mag article, which broke?the news about the VR Headset?s arrival at Best Buy stores. At what price will the headset come? How will it be received by the customers? That will be interesting to watch, as interesting as this article from SMH AU. The VR Headset as well as the Oculus Rift is seen as headed directly for the gaming market. But what practical uses might there be for the headsets?

Samsung Finally Goes Virtual

This Samsung VR Headset is a far cry from the top of the line Rift, though its production was helped by Oculus.

Proving that the age of the VR Headset is once again come to fore, Samsung unveiled its Gear VR at Best Buy shops, as per PC Mag. The article also notes that this isn?t the first time this has happened?it went live be after being made available for sale online. This time, however, consumers may try it out in a physical form, as well as pay for it in real time. It will go for $199.99 a unit, while bundling it with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will bump its price up at an additional $200 for the phone.

The wonder of VR notwithstanding, perhaps the Gear will be available for other practical applications.

The VR Headset?an aid in the Real World

Those practical applications were discussed?in this article from SMH Australia.

A man who working away from home found a way to be present?at least virtually?during the birth of his child, thanks to the Samsung Gear VR. At a good distance away from home?from Queensland to Perth?Jace Larke witnessed his child?s arrival into the world, as per SMH Australia, by using the Gear VR as a headset.

It?s a creative way of making sure that you?re present?during a potentially important event. The possibilities are endless, but this proves that the Samsung Gear VR?and the Oculus Rift, for that matter?has a place in the real world.

Not Just for Fun

Can we explore the bottom of the ocean by just looking into the headset? What about the far regions of space? The possibilities are staggering. But at least, in the case of Jace Larken, we saw that the Samsung Gear VR could become anything but just a really cool headset.


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