Samsung Gear Solo : USIM Enabled Standalone Smartwatch / Watchphone Coming Soon

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Samsung Gear Solo : USIM Enabled Standalone Smartwatch / Watchphone Coming Soon

In recent weeks, rumors circulated about a possible standalone smartwatch, called by many as a ?watchphone?, to be released by Samsung. News reports indicated that it will be part of the Samsung Gear 2 line and will feature a watchphone that is SIM enabled.

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The buzz is getting hotter as recent reports show that this new smartwatch / watchphone will be out very soon. The Korea Herald reported that Samsung will be unveiling this wearable device as early as a few weeks from now and will be carrying the name Samsung Gear Solo.

This device, as expected, will not need to be tethered to any smartphone in order to make calls or send messages. It will have its very own USIM module and will even be able to connect to the world wide web via a data network connection.

Reports indicate that SK Telecom will have the first crack in the distribution of the Gear Solo which means that it will only be available in Korea during the initial months. There is no doubt however that Samsung will fast track the international release of the Samsung Gear Solo given the excitement it has generated the past few weeks.

This will also give Samsung the bragging rights over Apple and their other gadget competitors in coming up with the ?first? standalone watchphone in the market.

For those who doubt the veracity of these reports, it has been noted that the same sources inside Samsung point to documents filed with the country’s patent office, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, that show a patent registration for the name ?Gear Solo?.

Samsung however, as expected, refused to confirm or deny the report.

This may be a good move for Samsung as the sources clarified that although the name ?Gear Solo? has been filed for patent registration, it is not yet the final moniker that this watchphone will eventually carry.

A number of Samsung’s wearable gadgets already carry the Gear brand. There are the original Gear and Gear 2, the Gear Fit, and the Gear 2 Neo. All these wearables however, do not come with its own USIM and is dependent on a Smartphone to be able to utilize its ?smart? features.

The new watchphone will be a different breed of device as it is independent of any other smart gadget and can connect to a mobile network on its own.

As we reported in a previous article, one of the major issues that this watchphone will have to overcome is the battery consumption. This why several pundits feel that it is still too early for a ?reliable? SIM enabled watchphone. Unless Samsung has a ?surprise? solution to this problem, the new Gear Solo may just end up as a novelty, instead of a truly cool ?Dick Tracy? type of gadget that everyone will want to have.


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