Samsung Gear S3, S2 Smartwatches Get Spotify App

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samsung gear s3
Screenshots from Samsung and Spotify official websites

Samsung Gear S3 and S2 are now carrying the popular Spotify app. The music application was made available in the two Samsung smartwatches earlier this week. ?

Music at the flick of the wrist

The Spotify app will let users control playback, browse music charts, search artists, and review playlists – all on their wrists. They can play music directly from the watch using speakers or wireless headphones. The Samsung Gear S2 and S3?s rotating bezel also lets one control streams apart from using the touchscreen.

samsung gear s3

Screenshot from Samsung’s official website

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However, Samsung Gear S3 and S2?s Spotify features are somewhat limited. According to Wareable, there is no offline mode that will allow users to listen to music without Wi-Fi. As such, those who plan on using while running or at the gym can only be able to do so with LTE watches. Nonetheless, Samsung and Spotify are expected to make this option available in the future. ?

People in certain territories might also be surprised that Spotify is not yet available on the Gear app store. Some Gear owners in the UK and US have seen it while a few still can?t. This is because the update is still currently on a gradual global rollout. According to online reviews, everyone is expected to have it by the end of next week.

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Other Samsung Gear S3 apps

In related news, Samsung?s latest smartwatch has carried other impressive apps prior to Spotify.

One is the globally popular TNVS app Uber. What is great with S2 and S3?s version of it is that it does not scrimp on the original features. Even with a smaller screen, it is still big enough to drag a marker to a pickup location and monitor a vehicle. One can also zoom in and out of the map and scroll through ride options using the rotating bezel.

Another recommended Gear app is the Flipboard News briefing. It actually comes pre-installed on the Samsung Gear S3 and has been a big hit so far. With it, users can quickly browse headlines, pick a story that interests them, and read the entire article on their synced phones.

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