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Samsung Gear Fit: A Stylish and Modernized Gadget

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  • This Samsung Gear Fit has a curved AMOLED display that fits on your wrist.
  • It has the ability to measure one?s heart rate.
  • Compare to other fitness bands, the Samsung Gear has more features that are way better than the other fitness bands.


  • It has a long display that doesn?t look good on a watch
  • It is compatible only on selected Samsung smartphones, you can only use its stock software and apps that are built-in.

The Device?s design

The device is light-weight and well-built, it has a plastic strap that is good for people who perspires excessively. It also has 1.84? curved super AMOLED rectangular touchscreen display, 432 x 128 resolution which makes the Gear Fit typical. ?The Gear Fit also has a sensor behind the device itself that measures the heart rate of the user.



There is an application that you need to download on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone for it to be connected to Samsung Gear Fit. The apps for the Gear Fit must be downloaded on your smartphone and not on the Gear Fit.


The Gear is not a smartwatch, even though it has a watch, notification pop-up alerts and heart rate at the same time, but still the Gear fit doesn?t reconcile its role to be a smartwatch.

The Gear Fit doesn?t work as a media player. However, it can be use as a controller on whatever was playing on the user?s smartphone or tablet whether it?s a regular Android media software or Spotify. (careful with punctuations)

The Gear Fit?s battery life

Samsung claims the proprietary OS helps the Gear Fit?s battery consumption. This means that its 210mAh battery will last up to four days. The user may turn off the notifications so the battery would last a bit longer than usual.

Samsung Gear Fit?s Specificaions

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 96 hours maximum battery life
  • 1 GHz, dual-core, with 512 ROM
  • 432x 128 resolution
  • OLED screen type (Active, Color, Backlit)
  • Capacitive 1.48? AMOLED touchscreen
  • 4GB internal storage
  • Predictive text

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