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Samsung Gear 2 ++: SIM Enabled Standalone Watchphone In The Works

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Samsung Gear 2 ?++: SIM Enabled Standalone Watchphone In The Works

Captain Kirk, Fred Flintstone, or Dick Tracy? Who has the cooler watchphone?

In the near future, you might just be the one sporting the coolest watchphone in the galaxy.

Samsung, which is all geared up to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 watch very soon, is rumored to have something even more exciting in the pipeline.

The internet is abuzz with talks of a SIM enabled standalone watchphone from the Korean tech giant.

What does a SIM enabled standalone watchphone mean?

It simply means that unlike current smartwatches that are unable to make phone calls or send messages without being tethered to a smartphone (like an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone), this standalone watchphone can make calls and send messages on its own.

Reports emanating from Korea say that this watchphone will contain a Universal Subscriber Identity Module or USIM which gives it the capability to make calls without any mobile device connection.


It is still unknown if this rumored watchphone will be a variant of the Samsung Gear 2 or will carry a different tag. Sources say that Samsung might release it as a variant of the Gear 2 in an exclusive tie up with SK Telecom (South Korea) and may give it another name once it is released globally.

Tech pundits have, as early as now, speculated on the concerns a USIM enabled watchphone would have to overcome. One of these is the battery life of the watchphone.

The current Samsung smartwatch, the Gear 2 uses a 315 mAH power source and tech people say that this may not be enough to fully power a USIM watchphone.

A watchphone with a bigger battery would make it larger and heavier and may affect the functionality of getting a wearable gadget to make calls and send messages.

Skeptics are saying that it will take more time for Samsung to solve this problem and that a standalone watchphone might not be coming out soon. They have also advised that, even if Samsung does release such a watchphone to earn the bragging rights of being the first on the block, it might be good for consumers to wait for the next ?Gear 3,4, or 5 ? in order to rival Captain Kirk, Fred Flintstone, or Dick Tracy in the ? coolest wearable mobile device ever? category.


Here is a video showing the Samsung Galaxy Gear :

Photo Source: Samsung Mobile USA/ YouTube

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