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Samsung Gear 2, Neo and Gear Fit Price Details Revealed

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Samsung Gear 2, Neo and Gear Fit Price Details Revealed


Samsung’s wearable devices that were unveiled during the Mobile World Congress 2014 created such a buzz that many consumers kept on inquiring about how much these devices will cost.

The Gear Fit, compared to the two other devices that were launched ? the Gear 2 and Gear Neo, received the most praise for those who were able to see and touch the devices.

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The Fit features a curved touch screen AMOLED display in a rectangular form. Although simpler than the other two (it does not have a speaker or microphone), it runs on the familiar Android system and has garnered the interest of the MWC attendees and gadget observers worldwide because of its focus on fitness and elegant design.

The Samsung Gear Neo and Gear 2 uses a Tizen OS and have received mixed reactions from the public and industry pundits.

So after all that has been said and done, the big question is… it worth it?

Samsung deliberately withheld the announcement of the prices, probably due to marketing and distribution reasons. However, SamMobile, a community site for Samsung fans, revealed that the pricing for these devices has been released.


The Gear 2 is reportedly priced at approximately US$ 415 Dollars (299 Euro), the same price level the older Gear version was sold when it was introduced. This apparently disappointed many Samsung fans as they were hoping that the Gear 2 would be more affordable.

The Gear Neo, as well as the Gear Fit is reportedly going to be sold at approximately US$ 276 Dollars (199 Euro).

The price details have not been confirmed (or denied) by Samsung and I am not surprised if they leaked out this information themselves to test the waters.

Industry analysts have noted though that they are not expecting any surprises from Samsung and any adjustment to these mentioned price levels will be minimal.


So there you are.

With these prices, will you be getting yourself a new Samsung ?Gear? when it comes out?

Visit us again here at The Bitbag as we will keep track of any official announcements made by Samsung, and inform you on the official prices of the Samsung Gear, Gear Neo and Gear fit once they are released.

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