Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone to be Introduced at MWC 2017; Release Later This Year

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Galaxy X might be featured by Samsung during MWC 2017 but release will be later this year

The Mobile World Congress will take place in Spain in the next couple of weeks. There have been a lot of rumors that Samsung will unveil a breakthrough mobile device this year. However, it would seem that it will remain just that, an introduction. A new report suggests that the Galaxy X will not be released until much later in 2017.

According to Digitimes, Samsung is developing a clam-type smartphone based on its flexible AMOLED display. However, in contradiction to earlier rumors, the foldable phone, dubbed Galaxy X, will not be released until later this year.

Digitimes also reported that the said phone will enter the initial production sometime in the late second half of 2017. At the moment, the production yield is still unknown. However, experts believe that mass production will not commence until the second half of the following year.

Samsung could be announcing the Galaxy X during MWC 2017 but release later this year

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The delay, as reported, is caused by some technical issues on the coating material for the flexible display. The polyamide-based plastic cover for the screen is still having some reliability issues at the moment. However, Samsung is adamant that it will perfect the new material by the end of 2017.

For the past few years, Samsung has been working on its own flexible display. However, the company is not the first to introduce the technology. LG was the first to introduce a mobile device with a flexible display back in 2013. However, over the years, Samsung has achieved a big leap in its own display technology.

Apart from the Galaxy X, Samsung is also purported to unveil the Galaxy Tab S3 during this year’s MWC. According to rumors, the new 9.7-inch tablet will sport the current Snapdragon 820 chip from Qualcomm. Fans of the table are actually expecting for Samsung to release the Galaxy Tab S3 with a Snapdragon 835. Unfortunately, the chip is still under production at the current time.

Although the Galaxy Tab S3’s processor is just the 820, it still is a considerable performance jump from the previous 808. Anyone expecting to get a mobile device with a Snapdragon 835 would have to wait for the Galaxy S8 release some time in March.

At the moment, there is still no way of confirming the initial report done by Digitimes. However, it would seem that the next line of product for this year will feature flexible displays heavily. The being said, consumers can expect the Galaxy X along with the flexible display technology being showcased this year as well. For more updates on the Samsung Galaxy X, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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