Samsung Galaxy X: First Foldable Phone 2017 Launch Confirmed?

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Galaxy X :Foldable Screen
Galaxy X with Fold able Screen Photo: Wikimedia

Samsung is dominating the mobile phone market. Its Galaxy S7 and Note 5 are just incredible. It seems the company has even bigger plans for 2017. Recent rumors indicate that the South Korean tech giant is planning to introduce the new Galaxy X flagship devices with its main feature being a foldable touch screen.

Samsung is not the first company to launch foldable mobile phone. Recently, Lenovo has demonstrated its first foldable mobile phone during the company?s annual tech event. Chinese startup Moxi is also rumored to be working on similar project. What?s so special about the Galaxy X then?

Yibada has reported that Samsung is supposed to launch its upcoming foldable device with 4K UHD Bio Blue screen. It will be better than the current Super AMOLED displays. On the other hand, Lenovo?s handset is not as impressive in terms of display quality.

Moreover, Samsung is supposed to launch Galaxy X with the next generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor. According to Tech Times, the device will be 7-inch tablet and could be folded into 5-inch handset. The device will bear the model number SM-G929F and will be available released in the UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Nordic countries, France, Ireland and South Korea.

Samsung demonstrated a 5.5-inch foldable display panel and a 10-inch tri-fold AMOLED display at the end of 2014.

In the end of 2015, The Korea Industry Post reported, ?Scheduling next year, Samsung Electronics will apply highly flexible cover in foldable smartphone (Project Valley) instead of Corning Gorilla Glass.?

It was also reported that the Samsung Electronics have developed new material called ?Hybrimer? in an alliance with the Solip Technology. Moreover, Samsung already has several patents for technology that can be used inside a foldable smartphone. It indicates that Samsung is definitely going to launch a smartphone using one of these technologies.

Samsung Galaxy X is expected to be announced in the first half of 2017. Most probably on or before Mobile World Congress in Feb. 2017.

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