Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs iPad Air 2 With Thinner Chassis & Metal Frame?

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Samsung?s next high-end tablet, the Galaxy Tab S2, is expected to have a more ?premium feel? than its competitors. (Image courtesy of Samsung)

If you?re tired of all the relentless rumors involving next generation smartphones such as the iPhone 7 (or 6S), Galaxy S6, or Xperia Z4, perhaps it?s time to shift your attention to tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Fresh reports indicate that Samsung?s high-end tablet range will have a remarkable incarnation in the form of the Galaxy Tab S2. What?s interesting is that it is rumored? to have a couple of features that puts in the trajectory of Apple?s current iPad Air 2 tablet.

Thinner than iPad Air 2?

?Let?s now take a break from all that Samsung Galaxy S6 hype and talk about the company?s upcoming slate. SamMobile, a site known for relatively reliable leaks in the past, has just reported that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will sport a body that is thinner than the iPad Air 2. The exact measurement is not mentioned but we do know that Apple?s rendition is already thin at 6.1mm and Samsung?s present Tab S model comes with a 6.6mm body. We aren?t expecting that the South Korean device maker will come up with a significantly thinner body as doing so will make them sacrifice some important internal hardware components.

Metal frame

While it?s still unclear how slim the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will be, another rumored feature is pretty much expected by many tech watchers already. The same reports indicated that the tablet model will be built with a metal frame and other high-grade materials in order to offer a more ?premium feel? as SamMobile puts it. This is not surprising at all given that Samsung already did it with its Galaxy Alpha handset and is also expected to be a feature of its 2015 flagship phone.


Samsung to drop its long-held 19:9 aspect ratio?

When it comes to the display, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is said to drop Samsung?s traditional 16:9 widescreen ratio in favor of the 4:3 aspect ratio which is (coincidentally?) also what Apple has been using in all their iPad models including the latest iPad Air 2. If you come to think of it, this move is really sensible in Samsung?s part because a tablet with a widescreen ratios is awkward to handle vertically especially when it?s so tall.

So the pressing question here is, how similar will Samsung?s Galaxy Tab S2 be with Apple?s slate? Will it bring other game-changing specs aside from a thinner metallic body? We may not have to wait for ages as the tablet is expected to be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress event which will take place two weeks from now.

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