Sketchy Rumor Claims Samsung Galaxy S9 to Retain Predecessor’s Features

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Sketchy rumor claims Galaxy S9 to retain old design

In the next few months, Samsung is expected to release its next generation flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 8. While fans and consumers alike are expecting the phone, a new rumor points to the design of the Galaxy S9.

According to Next Power Up, while most people are still talking about the Note 8, their source claims that Galaxy S9, as well as the S9+, will retain an older design. The report said that Samsung intends to use the same display size as the older phones for the new one.

On the other hand, there are no new information about the alleged in-display fingerprint scanner of the phone. Earlier reports point to a possible Galaxy Note 8 inclusion. However, after some issues surfaced online, Samsung is now reportedly ditching the idea for now.

Sketchy rumor claims Galaxy S9 to retain old design

Samsung Galaxy S8 (via

Apart from the display size, the report did not say anything else specific about the Galaxy S9. Meanwhile, all eyes an on Samsung as the company prepares for the Galaxy Note 8 launch sometime in September.

At the moment, it is still quite early to be talking about specifics of the Galaxy S9. Nevertheless, it is possible that the phone might sport a Snapdragon 836 rather than an 845. That said, Qualcomm has presented some documents in its legal battle with Apple about its upcoming application processor. In the said document, the Snapdragon 845 was seen listed in one of the company’s patent filings.

This means that the company is currently working on its upcoming chip to be release sometime soon. While there are no detailed confirmations to which mobile devices this will be used, hardcore Android fans, especially that of Samsung, will want it with the Galaxy S9. However, for now, the only thing can be done is wait and see. For more updates on the Samsung Galaxy S9, be sure to check us out at The Bitbag.

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