Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel 2: Should You Wait for Google’s Next Android Phone Instead?

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Google Pixel 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S8
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In less than 24 hours, the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 will be officially launched. The Samsung Unpacked event will be streamed live from New York at 11am EST. While many Samsung fans can again celebrate with a new Android phone, some, however, are having second thoughts. Since the Google Pixel 2 will also be a premium phone on release, many are considering jumping ship to the Google camp.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel are considered premium Android smartphones. The only difference is, Samsung’s next flagship is about to be released in a month or so. Meanwhile, Google fans might have long to wait for the Google Pixel 2.


In terms of specs, both phones will have the latest Snapdragon 835 chip from Qualcomm. However, the Google Pixel 2, according to rumors, will have a default of 6GB RAM. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 will only have 4GB of RAM.

Galaxy S8 vs Pixel 2

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Just like the Galaxy Note7, the Galaxy S8 will also sport an IP68 ingress protection rating. Rumor has it that Google is also aiming to have the same protection for the Google Pixel 2.

As for Android OS, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes pre-installed with Android 7.1 Nougat. On the other hand, on release, the Google Pixel 2 will sport the newest Android O operating system.


There have been many leaks about the Galaxy S8 pricing over the past couple of weeks. Most of these leaks say that the phone will be priced at around $865. While Google has yet to announce the price for the Pixel 2, it has already said that it will have a premium price on release. Basing on the current Pixel phone model, the base price could be in the region of $650 to $750, assuming Google tries to absorb some of the costs.

Galaxy S8 vs Pixel 2

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Release date

Samsung is due to unveil the Galaxy S8 in less than 24 hours. Rumor has it that the phone will be officially released on April 21. Meanwhile, Pixel fans may have to wait more than six months before they can get their hands on the Google Pixel 2. At the moment, the phone is still being developed by Google and its design team.

For those who are eager to get the newest premium Android phone, Galaxy S8 is their best option. However, for those willing to wait six more months, the Google Pixel 2 is a good candidate for a premium Android phone. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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