Samsung Galaxy S8 Update: Smartphone to Have Unique Processor but Borrowed iPhone 7 Features?

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Samsung announced that it will release its latest Galaxy S8 smartphone in 2017. The company is giving tough competition to Apple and, in the past, made the company lose considerable market shares. Updating its Galaxy series with the latest technologies show that the Korean company is reconsidering its technical specifications.

Samsung?s competition was increased after the launch of Pixel which offers better features and storage. In order to survive the tough competition, will the company incorporate something different? Or just borrow iPhone 7?s features with better performance?

Samsung Borrowed iPhone 7?s features?

With the announcement to launch Galaxy S8, Samsung fans are speculating about its intriguing features blended with the latest technologies.

Right now Apple and Google are capturing the market with their creative and unique features. Will Samsung borrow some of their features to please its fans? According to sources, the company is planning to implement 3D Touch, Dual Camera, voice assistance and many other similar iPhone 7 features.

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Personal Voice assistance for Samsung Galaxy S8

The Korean company wanted to stand different from its competitor and it seems that the trendy feature of voice assistance can help it out. The company is working to provide advanced voice assistance to its fans. The voice assistance will be featured with two personalities; the male personality named as Bixby and the female personality named as Kestra.

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But this trendy voice assistance isn?t enough for the company to stand out from its competitors. Samsung is also planning to introduce 6 GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage to lure its consumers. Let?s see if the company will meet consumer?s expectations with its latest Galaxy S8 model or will it be recalled like Galaxy Note 7?

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