Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs & Features Include Thin Bezels, 3D-Like Soft Keys

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Samsung Galaxy S8 features
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Samsung?s upcoming Galaxy S8 is finally bringing the long rumored bezel less design to the device. A new report from 9to5Google corroborates previous rumors that the Galaxy S8 is finally removing its capacitive buttons for software navigation keys.

Galaxy S8 3-D Like Soft Keys

All of Samsung?s previous iterations feature two capacitive keys alongside a physical home screen button, which also doubles as a fingerprint sensor. The company will, however, introduce a major redesign for its 2017 flagship lineup.

Android Police editor David Ruddock said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will ditch all the hardware navigation keys. The company will instead switch to all soft keys with 3-D Touch-like functionality. These keys will be configurable and customizable as well, according to Ruddock.

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The change would reportedly result in a very tiny bottom bezel. Samsung is also slated to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack for a USB Type-C port. This would make the Galaxy S8 indeed similar to the number of renders and concepts designs unveiled so far.

The fingerprint sensor will likely be moved to the rear of the device. However, the exact placement is not clear yet. But, Ruddock is uncertain whether or not Samsung will embed the fingerprint sensor in the display. Previous reports have indicated though that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a fingerprint sensor beneath the display. With Synaptics launching their new biometrics technology, chances are Samsung?s next-gen devices would have it.

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Galaxy S8 S-Pen Support

A variety of reports have said that Samsung will launch two versions or variant of the Galaxy S8 next year. Although both devices will feature an Edge to Edge display, there will be a larger 6-inch Galaxy S8 Plus in the making. This was rumored to target the Galaxy Note 7 users.

Now, a leak from China confirms such plans as it claimed that the Galaxy S8 will support the S Pen stylus. This will not be a built-in stylus like in the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung will, instead, sell the S Pen as an optional accessory. The stylus will indeed come in handy for the larger display variant.

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That said, it is still unclear at this point how much of the S Pen?s functionality could be found on the Galaxy S8. It is also not known how much the S-Pen will cost. Of course, all of these are mere rumors at this time. Stay tuned for regular leaks, updates, renders and more on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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