Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs and Features May Include New Fingerprint Sensor, Dual-Edge Screen Display

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As the year comes to a close, the hype for Samsung?s upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, continues building up. Speculations about the ?Samsung Galaxy S8 specs and features have been circulating the internet. It has also long been rumored that the upcoming device will be bezel-less, prompting speculations that the S8?s design will ditch the physical home button. Rumors even indicated that the next-gen device will use an optical sensor for scanning fingerprints.

The latest set of reports have confirmed some of the rumored features including that of an advanced fingerprint sensor. Also confirmed for the Galaxy S8 is an innovative new, screen-heavy design.

Galaxy S8 to Feature Synaptics Optical Sensor

On Tuesday, Synaptics announced on its official website its next-gen, high-performance optical-based fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor, named the Natural ID FS9100, is designed to respond to fingerprint scanning from under the cover glass of smartphones and tablets. This simply means that the scanner would be fully functional without the need of a physical home button.

The Synaptics optical sensor can work through a 1mm cover glass and is scratch free and waterproof. The company even pointed out that this technology is durable and it works even with wet fingers. The FS9100 optical sensor claims to be very thin and use up little battery power.

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In addition, added security features allow to tell the difference between fake and real fingers, resolving problems with previous generations of sensors. The FS9100 utilizes Synaptics very own SentryPoint technology that ensures second-to-none authentication with the help of Quantum Matcher and PurePrint technology. PurePrint examines detected images of fingerprints to identify the real ones from the fake copies.

However, Synaptics failed to confirm as to whether or not Samsung might be using its advanced fingerprint sensors. Several reports, however, said the announcement pretty much confirms the use of display-embedded scanners for the Galaxy S8. Synaptics, after all, is actually one of Samsung?s component suppliers.

Dual-Edge Display

Samsung?s usual strategy with its Galaxy S series is to offer two variants, one with the usual flat screen and the other a curved option. This Spring, the company will ditch the approach to make both variants available with dual-edge displays. The current rumor states that the S8 with the 5.7-inch display and its 6.2-inch larger brother will be offered in dual-edge displays. The screen itself will remain a Super AMOLED, but will reportedly be upgraded from PenTile to a full RGB matrix.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs and Features

However, another source offers an altogether different information for the Galaxy S8 display. IBTimes claims that the company is developing a ?dual-screen? smartphone with two displays – one on the front and one on the back. In addition, a second smartphone with a foldable OLED display is expected.

Displays for the dual-screen smartphone are expected to be supplied by Japan Display Inc. The report stated that Samsung will first test the dual-screen smartphone by pushing a small number of the device into the market. Later on, they plan to introduce the foldable smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch

Several insiders claim that Samsung is aiming to release the Galaxy S8 in March. The Mobile World Congress 2017 will see the company officially unveil the next flagship series.

However, after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung is being far cautious with its releases. Sources said that extensive testing is planned for the Galaxy S8, which may push back the launch to April. An analyst at HMC Investment Securities points out that ?safety of the devices is more important than any hardware innovation? to the company.

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