Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs and Features the Same as the Defunct Galaxy Note 7 – Rumors

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Samsung Galaxy S8 updates
Samsung Galaxy S8 specs and features

Following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung seeks to restore customer confidence with its next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8. With the release of the 2017 flagship coming, the rumor mill continues churning out features and specifications of the highly anticipated smartphone. Latest set of rumors, however, say that the device might include some of the features from the now recalled Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs

Iris Scanner

The latest rumors have it that an iris scanner that debuted on the Galaxy Note 7 will return for the Galaxy S8. The news comes out of the South Korean web portal Naver and stated that the Galaxy S8?s iris recognition sensor will be faster than the one used by the phablet.

In addition, Samsung is said to re-launch its Samsung Pass service using its iris recognition technology. Samsung will once again engage with banks and other financial institutions in order to resurrect this feature of the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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Rear Fingerprint Sensor

The report also noted that instead of display embedded fingerprint sensors, the flagship will feature a fingerprint scanner on its rear. Last week, with the introduction of Synaptics? new optical-based fingerprint sensor, rumors indicated that the Galaxy S8 would forgo the physical home button-based sensor. The latest sensor is stated to offer high-resolution fingerprint scanning through 1mm of full cover glass.

However, GSMArena said that initial testing of the display-based sensor proved inaccurate. The presence of a physical fingerprint scanner was still required. The?Galaxy S8 would have a design similar to that of Google Pixel devices.

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Samsung Galaxy S8?s display could also be similar to the one found on the Note 7 device. Leaked Galaxy S8 spec sheet reveals?it to be equipped with the Note 7?s Y-OCTA display technology. The Y-OCTA technology allows Samsung to produce a thinner device at a lower production cost.

The Galaxy S8 display could allow for the existence of more advanced technologies. Instead of touch-sensitive films used in conventional touchscreen displays, the Y-OCTA displays integrated touch sensors.

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However, the report noted that?5.7-inch variant may feature Y-OCTA tech. This will be integrated to Super AMOLED panels with QHD resolution. The purported 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 model will feature the full RGB AMOLED panel.

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