Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Puts Siri To Shame; New Smartphone To Feature Open AI Platform

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs
Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs

The great Apple and Samsung battle rages on in the mobile arena. But it looks like The Samsung Galaxy S8 is about to gain the upperhand with a next generation Open AI Feature that will put Siri to shame.

Good Luck Siri

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be receiving a big voice assistant upgrade. The latest Samsung voice assistant that?s set to trump Siri is called Bixby.

SamMobile reports that Bixby is said to be so advanced that it will be able to run smoothly in almost every native app on the phone. One given example details that user could ask Bixby to show specific pictures and videos even though another app may be running at the same time.

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Rhee In-jong, Samsung Electronics? Vice President explained that the Bixby will be a new major interface featuring a new open AI platform.

In-jong also adds that Bixby will be able to address many user?s various needs. In-jong says: ?The current Galaxy smartphones need separate applications for users, for instance, to order pizza or coffee. But, the new AI platform will enable them to order (or do) things directly without going through separate applications.?


Bixby is set to differentiate it from all other market ready AI. And it does it with its unique ability to learn.

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Samsung will be making its AI open for developers, programmers, and content creators. Because of this, massive growth in Bixby?s development due to user input will be expected. Not to mention, programmers will be able to introduce all new features through Bixby that we could only imagine.

Bixby will be making its debut on the Samsung Galaxy S8 but will continue on in all future Samsung smart devices. If Bixby live up to all its hype, then it may just be our first real step towards evolving smart AI and hopefully that turns out to be a good thing for all of us.?

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