Samsung Galaxy S8 Releasing a Month After March Unveiling – Report

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Samsung Galaxy S8 releasing a month after official launch this March

By now, Samsung fans will know that the company will not be releasing the Galaxy S8 during the Mobile World Congress. Instead, it chose to release the said phone sometime before the end of March. Furthermore, the Galaxy S8 will become available a month after its official unveiling.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung has already planned out the event that will officially launch the Galaxy S8. The launch date, as reported will be on the 29th of March, to be held in New York City. After about a month, the Galaxy S8 will hit store shelves starting from South Korea and then the rest of the world.

Back in January, Samsung announced that it will not feature its upcoming flagship during this year’s Mobile World Congress. The event which hosts a number of other brands will feature the Galaxy Tab S3 instead.

Samsung Galaxy S8 releasing a month after official launch

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The decision not to launch the Galaxy S8 during the said event stemmed from the investigation that Samsung did on the Galaxy Note 7. After the massive recall in history, Samsung released the results of the investigation. It turns out, Samsung made an incredible risk by trying to push as much performance from the battery design. As a result, the barrier that separates the plates of the battery were made too thin. This eventually put too much stress on the barrier every time the battery is charged.

In addition to the faulty battery design, the gaps between the battery assembly and the device frame are also to blame. Based on initial studies, the gaps were kept below minimum allowed tolerance that resulted in the frame putting pressure on the battery casing.

After the lengthy investigation, Samsung released the results in the press conference that it did last month. And to make sure that it will not happen again, the phone maker decided to delay the Galaxy S8. This is to pave the way for more tests for the battery safety for the upcoming flagship. Samsung wanted to be absolutely sure that the events of the Galaxy Note 7 will never happen again.

At the moment, Samsung has never confirmed not denied the reports. Nevertheless, consumers can be rest assured that they will get to see a new Galaxy phone in the next couple of months. For more updates on the Samsung Galaxy S8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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