Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Could Happen Next Month – Report

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samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8 might hit the shelves earlier than expected. A new report revealed that the company is planning to release a limited batch of Samsung Galaxy S8 prior to its official launch. The report even suggested that the company could start shipping its flagship device as early as February or March.

Previously, reports circulated that the S8 could make its debut at the Mobile World Congress in February.  Now the reports disclosing that the company could release S8 next month seems the accurate one.

Samsung Galaxy S8 February Release

South Korean media company The Investor cited through an anonymous insider that the company could start shipping its flagship device early in next month. The news stated, “There is a possibility of the S8 phones being showcased a month or two ahead of the actual release date.”

The report strongly supports the previous news which reveals that the Galaxy S8 could make its debut at MWC in February. It is possible that the company may release a limited batch in February before the mass release in March. The company started receiving electronic parts from its main vendors. The vendors includes iris camera scanner from Partron and camera lens from Sekonix.

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8 to reach 60 million consumers

Samsung shared its goals regarding the production and selling off its flagship device. The company wanted to produce and sell nearly 60 million pieces in 2017, as per The Investor. The company shipped 45 million units of S5 and S6 and 48 million units of S7 in last year.

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 release, the company wanted to capture wide smartphone market to cope up with the loss of Note 7. The company seems to set a more ambitious goal than before just to make up for the loss.   Galaxy S8 could feature magnificent edge-to-edge display, powerful virtual assistance, and desktop-like experience. The device could ditch the iconic home button and headphone jack just like Apple’s devices.

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