Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Delayed, Distribution Expected to Happen Sometime in April

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Galaxy S8 Release

The Samsung Galaxy S8 release is one thing which many tech fans are excited about. The next flagship smartphone from the South Korean electronics giant was expected to be unveiled by next month. Unfortunately, it appears that it will not be the case. This comes as recent rumors have revealed that the Galaxy S8 release may be delayed.

Normally delays would be a bad thing for major consumer electronics releases. This time it could be the right move for the company. Samsung is currently still recovering from the backlash of the Galaxy Note 7 battery issue. As everyone knows, there was?a global recall of the smartphone due to faulty batteries.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

Galaxy S8 Release

The Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco could have been caused by the company trying to release its smartphone ahead of Apple?s iPhone. That did not turn out the way they hoped though as Samsung is still reeling from consumer?s complaints and disappointments.

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While the experience may have caused tremendous damage to Samsung?s reputation, it has made them more cautious. According to Forbes, Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S8 release in April instead of the traditional Mobile World Congress (MWC) launch.

The same report mentions that the investigation and aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7 problems caused the delay in the company?s release schedule. This is certainly a good thing though as it means that Samsung is taking everything into consideration. It also means that they are doing everything they can to avoid the same problem happening with the Galaxy S8.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Happening in April

Instead of the launching at MWC 2017 in Barcelona next month, Samsung is rumored to be having a special event for the Galaxy S8 release in April. The distribution of the upcoming smartphone is then expected to happen shortly after the launch.

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So, are you excited about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 release? Be sure to check back here for more news and updates about the upcoming flagship smartphone as well as on other trending topics in the world of tech.

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